Tim Deegan

Iʼm a computer scientist and systems programmer, living in Cambridge, UK.
My email address is tjd@phlegethon.org.


I design and build operating systems components. I have produced fast and reliable filesystem code and hypervisor features. I like to work on difficult technical problems, ideally in a small team of engineers. I enjoy a collaborative environment where I can work with, and learn from, smart and enthusiastic people.

Iʼm proficient in C on unix, but I also enjoy assembler (x86 and ARM), and am happy writing kernel code. For higher-level work I prefer python, but have used perl, bash and ocaml in the past, and am always willing to learn something new. Iʼm familiar with the usual unix source control tools (git, mercurial) build systems (make, autotools), and debugging tools (gdb, valgrind). I use static analysis tools and performance profilers.

I have experience working with open-source communities, collaborating with other engineers and reviewing code. I enjoy mentoring junior engineers.

Outside of working hours, I spend most of my time with my wife and school age son. We enjoy music, trips to nature reserves, and computer games.




Social media

I am not very active on any social media. I have a blog, and accounts on facebook, twitter and mastodon, but post only rarely to any of them.